About Hospitality Green

Creating Sustainable Growth. One Business at a Time.

Hospitality Green's mission is to make our clients more competitive by expanding their capabilities, increasing their sustainable practices and resolving their operational challenges. We seek to help our clients realize their competitive potential by educating and empowering them to recognize and implement effective and sustainable improvements.

Our Core Values

We are committed to creating a powerful, transformative and result-bearing relationship with each of our clients. The collaboration, respect and commitment to our client's issues are the result of our firm's collective adherence to five fundamental Core Values.

The HG Approach

Just as each of our clients is different, so is the approach we take in addressing their unique issues. The method we use to evaluate an issue is founded on the realistic evaluation of the problem and its possible solution through five phases of our Approach.

The History of HG

We are a firm from humble beginnings, but we are growing quickly; learn more about the history of our firm by exploring the History of HG page.

Hospitality Green Consultants

We hire good people from all backgrounds who are committed to collaborating with our clients to help solve their most critical challenges. Learn more about our team by visiting our Consultants page.

Hospitality Green Clients

There is no typical "type" of HG Client, but we work best with 100-400 person organizations having problems that fall within our circle of competence. Our HG Clients page shows you some types of challenges we have helped clients with in the past.

HG Grant Projects

Our firm is always working on some form of Grant Project. We use grant funding in two ways. First, our firm offers small organizations services at no cost. Second, we locate funding for large improvement projects and trainings.

Careers at HG

Our firm is constantly looking for new talent. If you are interested in working for Hospitality Green, or are just interested in learning about what it takes to be a consultant, browse through the Careers at HG page.

Contact HG

There are numerous ways to contact us. The best way to find out who you need to speak with is by visiting our Contact Us page and selecting your message topic from the content form. We will make sure the right person gets back to you.