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Careers At Hospitality Green

Hospitality Green is continually looking for qualified candidates to join our rapidly expanding firm. Your career path at HG will begin as either an Associate or a Principal Expert. Associate qualifications include a Graduate Degree in a relevant field or a Bachelor's degree from a top tier institution and at least two years of business consulting experience. Principal Experts are qualified business professionals with a minimum of ten years work experience in their respective fields.

In addition to being highly motivated, intelligent and capable, we seek talented individuals with experience working as an integral part of a team. While initial placement is based on your education and professional background, your potential is limited only by your personal ambition. Whether your career path begins right out of graduate school or after a career as an industry expert, the skills and experience you gain helping our client's with their most critical operational and environmental challenges will contribute to your professional and personal growth and prepare you for further success in your field.

Is HG right for me?

Success at Hospitality Green requires that you like working here just as much as it requires that you possess the necessary talent and ambition. Here are some things you can expect from us.


Whether it is acknowledging someone's opinion or explaining your own, respect is a necessary factor for maintaining a healthy and productive work environment. We believe that we can reach our greatest potential by precluding unnecessary hierarchy and judging an idea based on value to the client, not the job title of its source.


We are not a firm of bosses and paper pushers,;we are a team separated by our individually unique experiences. After training, you can expect to be immediately given tasks and projects having an actual impact on the client engagement. We hire people of similar intellectual caliber and, as a result, each person serves as an integral part of the team.


Engaging in respectful debate serves an important role in examinging the efficacy and feasibility of a suggestion. The challenges our firm finds solutions to have no obvious "right" answer and, as a result, require careful collective examination. We have also found that even the most ambitious individuals, when expecting their suggestion to be debated, come more prepared to defend their position.

How is HG Different?

Instead of telling you why we think we are different, here are some things our outgoing and current team members have said.

Marie S. (Principal Expert, Hospitality)

"Hospitality Green was an incredible organization for me to join after I left a 30 year career in the hospitality industry. Evadne immediately zeroed in on my selling and customer service experience and I was either in the field or on the phones for the better part of my first two months here. One thing that I really loved was that my work did not stay only in the realm of the hospitality industry. During my tenure here at HG, I have been a project manager for two large hospitality projects, and a team member for a large elder care facility and a bottle manufacturer. The reason I chose to accept the offer at HG was simple, I wanted to be able to have a job where I could make a difference and capabilities would be expanded. When I got here, I knew very little about sustainability, but working with HG's sustainability experts for the past two years has given me an education in the subject that I otherwise would have never gotten. It is hard to say exactly how HG is different because I have never worked for another environmental consulting firm, but I can say that I am happy I chose this incredible firm."

Marie is leaving us to join as Director of Sales for an international hotel chain. A contact she initially made while working for Hospitality Green.

Will M. (Consultant)

"After college I used my expertise in selling antiquities to start a small consulting firm dealing mainly with museums. In 2008, my business suffered and I was lucky enough to land an Associate job with HG. I remember the first day coming in and being told that my job for that week was to gather as much information on the major competitors of this one medium sized hotel and rank them based on their success both in the market and in comparison to our client. I figured that this was just some sort of training session and it was not until the end of the week that I found out that the client was an actual current client and I was supposed to present my preliminary findings to the team. I presented my findings to a team of HG Principal Experts who had spent the last 20-35 years of their lives thinking about what I had spent just one week on and spent an hour trying to defend my positions.

"This test has stuck with me for the past two years. I think about it every time I am totally sure I know the solution to a problem, and I remember it before I walk into every client presentation. I think it may be because this is what I thought a consultant did. Before HG, consulting for me entailed walking into a client's organization, doing as much research as I possibly could about a client's problem and then issuing recommendations on how to improve or solve that problem. Looking back on it, I can't believe I used to call that type of work consulting. I feel like every client presentation I did before coming to HG was like my first meeting with my team on day five. Looking back on it, my first week on the job was a precursor to the following two years and a valuable lesson in entering the "world of consulting."

"I think the best opportunity I had to compare HG to other environmental consulting firms was when I attended a hospitality conference last year. I remember going through the booths and stopping at the other firm's booths expecting one thing, only to realize that in actuality they were not a consulting firm at all, but rather product salesmen posing as a firm. I think the fact that HG is not affiliated with any individual distributor makes a huge difference in the advice and solutions that we offer. This is especially true with our operations, sourcing and procurement client challenges. At HG, we combine the generalist with the specialist, the innovator and the developer to deliver real results."

Who we look for

Our firm is comprised of individuals who have specialized in a diverse array of subjects including economics, liberal arts, sustainability, anthropology, political science, international relations, geology, history and engineering. Although educational success is an important qualification, success at our firm requires more than an A average. Here are some traits that successful candidates possess:


Curiosity is the basis of your contributions, our client impact and the success of our solutions. Do you wonder why some companies succeed and others do not? Why equally successful organizations may have vastly different environmental standards? When trying to solve a problem, do you cower in the face of ambiguity, or do you utilize all of your resources to come up with a possible solution? Solving problems with limited resources requires both an intelligent and curioius mind. These qualities serve as the foundation for success at Hospitality Green.


Candidates are good at what they do. No matter what field they are in, our candidates have made an impact and achieved some level of personal and professional success. At Hospitality Green, we will foster your talent to enable you to realize your full potential.


Call it ambition, self-determination or a need to succeed, our candidates have high aspirations and possess the drive to realize those goals.


Our firm's success depends on the team's ability to come up with an innovative solution to solve our client's most difficult challenges. Successful candidates don't look to find the "right" answer; they use the information in front of them to create a solution that will deliver tangible results and competitive advantage.


If you can't persuade your team that your solution is worth pursuing, how can you persuade the client? Leadership is required in every aspect of your work at Hospitality Green, from brainstorming, to presentation, to implementation.

How to apply

Baseline qualifications:

  • BA/BS with cumulative 3.5 GPA and two years of relevant experience
  • Professional/Postgraduate Degree in relevant field
  • Preference given to applicants with concentrations or experience in sustainability, hospitality, manufacturing, business, healthcare and environmental studies

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please submit your cover letter and resume to: or use the Contact Us page. Your application will be reviewed within two weeks of reception and you will be notified if we believe you may be a strong candidate for our firm.

What is the interview process?

Each candidate selected for an interview goes through three main steps: a phone interview, a behavioral/verbal case interview and a test case interview.

Applicants for both Associate and Principal Expert positions are asked to call at a specified time to discuss their resume in depth with a Hospitality Green consultant. If selected for further review, we immediately proceed to a behavioral interview followed by a case interview. In the case interview, your interviewer will describe the situation of a real client engagement and have you explain what you would do in the same situation.

If selected, candidates are asked to participate in a third interview, usually a week later, where they are asked to complete a client assignment in real time with the interviewer.