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Results Driven, Value Derived

Although each client is unique, the foundation for every engagement is based on five fundamental values: capacity building, empowerment, client precedence, tangible returns and sustainability. The goal of these core values is simple; create and maintain a collaborative and healthy client relationship and bring a result-oriented solution to our clients' challenges.

Capacity Building

Our client engagements are more than recommendations and trainings, they are transformative long-term solutions, affecting all aspects of the organization. To achieve this effect we take our clients current situation and approach capacity building within the organization from three different, interconnected development positions: institutional, organizational and human resources.

The purpose of institutional development is to enhance the capabilities of the organization. To be able to maintain and expand an organizations sustainable business practices, there must first be in place a framework enabling sustainability to exist. This framework is a crucial part of an organization's effort to take charge of its environmental and operational improvements.

Organizational development has two facets: internal and external. Internally, HG helps the already-existing management structures of a facility deal with new processes and procedures. By focusing on managerial process, streamlining some operations and increasing flexibility in others, organizations are able to enforce accountability and quickly adapt to new practices. The external facet deals with an organizations dealings with and understanding of their customers, the community and their competitors. It is flexibility, market understanding and ease of transition that provides competitive advantage.

Human resources development is the training side of capacity building enabling individuals to perform effectively. We seek to empower individuals to take it upon themselves to facilitate sustainable change, but this goal is not realistic without access to resources, training, education and comprehension.


Organizational empowerment gives individuals the freedom to innovate. Organizations must depend on the people that work for them. By setting a precedent of recognition and empowerment, processes, procedures and change can be implemented quickly and effectively. This atmosphere of empowered individuals all working at making the organization better, is one of the primary differences between organizations that succeed in realizing their competitive potential and those that do not.

To quote one of HG's newest Associates, "Empowerment is an important value in any organization. If employees know that what they do is recognized, open to improvement and important, they will be happier, and happier employees equals happier customers."

Client Precedence

The client comes first, it's as simple as that. We listen to you and, before jumpting to a conclusion, take into account your unique situation before jumping to a conclusion. There is no hierarchy of client importance; if we enter into a partnership, you can expect your problem to receive our full attention. You can also assume that we will use all of our resources in an effort to find an effective solution with tangible results.

Tangible Returns

Whether it is through cost-savings, increased returns or a stronger brand, we seek to create value for our clients that offer significant returns on their investment. Value creation requires both awareness and a paradigm shift in the mindset of our clients. Our work must lead directly to clients taking action and developing, understanding and implementing more sustainable business practices. We believe that by focusing on value creation through sustainability, competitive advantage and bottom-line impact we can produce real change and solve even the most difficult challenges.


We consistently show our clients that sustainability is more than a moral imperative; it is an integral part of our commitment to delivering tangible results with positive financial returns. Using sustainability as a vehicle for change, HG is able to create long-term solutions to problems that cannot be solved using historic methods. We believe that sustainability is both a mindset and an action, and we are committed to bringing both to our clients.