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The Hospitality Green Story

In 2008, after working for over fifteen years as an innovator, capacity builder and trainer in the hospitality, manufacturing and environmental industries, Evadne Giannini decided to start a full-time consulting firm. Her mission was to help businesses implement sustainable improvements that would solve their most difficult operational challenges.

Since its establishment in 2008, Hospitality Green has successfully consulted over two hundred hospitality, manufacturing and institutional healthcare organizations on their most difficult operational and environmental issues.

What began as three industry experts meeting to discuss competitive strategy inside the study of Evadne's home, now includes multiple teams composed of associates, working professionals, experts and consultants working online and out of Hospitality Green's main offices in upstate New York.

In 2009, Hospitality Green was recapitalized by a major stakeholder in the firm. This investment allowed us to, in effect, start from scratch. In the past year, we have completely restructured the public face of our firm with new branding and logos, unique and professionally designed promotional materials and this new website. Additionally, members of our website will see that the back pages now contain numerous new assessment, tracking and personalized feature tools that make it easier for us to partner and collaborate with you.