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Passionate, Ambitious and Open-Minded

We consult with clients so that they can realize the greatest return from our services. It is for this reason that we focus our efforts on clients who need to improve or implement change in the following areas: operations, environmental practices, strategic planning, training, asset productivity, marketing and sales. For example, we help clients:

  • Reap the rewards of environmental understanding and sustainable innovation
  • Develop competitive advantage
  • Facilitate sustainable change through empowerment and collaboration
  • Increase cost effectiveness of sourcing, purchasing and use procedures and operations
  • Drive operations accountability
  • Recognize and utilize their customers, suppliers, and competitors in their unique market
  • Develop and disperse a marketable brand in the "eco-tourism" industry

While there is no size restriction on who we consult, our clients are usually 100-400 employee tributary organizations who report to a corporate headquarters. We are also currently working with a large number of small 10-75 person facilities through a private grant.

Here is a list of our current Eco-Business Certification Clients