Hospitality Green's Expertise

HG Education & Training

Education and Training play a crucial role in developing the insight and understanding necessary for a client to succeed. Our firm's commitment to education and training is as strong as our devotion to recommending the right solution for a client's problem. Education and training are cornerstones in the success of our recommendations and continue to create value long after our formal engagement ends.

Sustainability at Hospitality Green

Our consultants specialize in making business sense of Sustainability. We excel in using a client's existing resources to create immediate returns from sustainable action, while creating an avenue upon which they can expand those practices for an even larger moral and financial result.


Our firm's expertise in Operations combines two forms of knowledge: cost-management and value creation. We specialize in putting the capital saved by cutting costs to strategic use into income-generating projects. By creating further value from the money a client has saved, we are able to deliver large returns on limited external investment.

Strategic Planning

The difficulty many clients have in trying to implement sustainable change is not in coming up with the insight to change, but rather taking that insight and forming it into an actionable and realistic plan. Our firm specializes in Strategic Planning for all levels of managerial and executive staff.

Marketing & Sales

Our clients understand the power of Marketing and the importance of Sales. We use existing resources to solidify your brand and concentrate on getting higher returns on your marketing investment.