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Hospitality Green on Strategic Planning

Strategy comes from the understanding of past, current and future sources of advantage within an area of business. Many organizations feel that, so long as they are profitable, with a reliable and competent team, there is no real need for strategic planning. This is a primary reason why some organizations holding competitive advantage quickly lose it and why others never gain it at all. Strategy matters.

Hospitality Green specializes in taking an organization's ideas and insights and turning them into actionable plans that will help maintain or develop competitive advantage in the future. We concentrate on where an organization's current placement in the marketplace and develop a plan to take them to the next step.

There are a few features that must be present in every custom-made plan. A strategic plan must be balanced, flexible, financially focused, morally sound, creative and not replicable. Most importantly, it must take into account the organization's resources and needs both present and future.

Common Questions

There are a number of strategic planning questions we have helped answer, some of which are listed here:

  • How do we change the mindset of the organization from impromptu to strategic while retaining impulsive drive?
  • What is the best way to develop competitive advantage?
  • Where does our annual budget fit into our strategic vision?
  • Should we differentiate ourselves from our competitor even if we are similar and they are more successful?
  • How do we educate and empower our employees to come up with ways to create competitive advantage?