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Hospitality Green LLC is a New York based consulting firm specializing in environmental and operations consulting services. Learn more about how we partner with our clients to implement sustainable business practices.

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HospitalityGreen on Sustainability

Sustainability not only makes environmental sense, it makes economic sense too.  Because sustainability's efficacy relies on successful capacity building, we must address not only the individual business but  the community the business serves. Consequently, we have redirected our attention to developing community capacity building. Better management and respect of our natural resources can positively affect our local economy.   

Through the highly succcessful 2012-14  Santa Fe Green Lodging Initiative, now a city invested initiative and the coordination of the multi-state  2014 Green Tourism Conferencewe have proven that  focusing attention on resource conservation and sustainable resource practices yields community engagement and indisputable positive financial returns for all. The foundation for climate adaptation and resilience is built through individual commitments to a shared vision of sustainability for all.

To be successfully implemented, sustainability must be understood by all members of an organization and relies on a long-term commitment. Organizations need to develop actionable plans and best practices before attempting a facility-wide program.

Many organizations disregard sustainability because they feel it doesn't have a purpose beyond its moral dimensions. Our sustainability models demonstrate that this claim is not true. We have proven that with the appropriate training and a realistic and customized sustainability plan, an organization can create competitive advantage and save money. As a private company:

  • Where do we begin?
  • How can working towards a green certification provoke structure and effective collaboration among our employees?
  • How can we reduce our environmental impact with no capital?
  • How can we implement or take advantage of renewable-energy?
  • How can we meet the needs of environmentally conscientious "green" customers?
  • Can a third party green certification provide us with the tools for honest and effective "green" marketing?
  • What capabilities will we need to succeed in creating organizational sustainability?
  • What type of changes must be made to adopt a more contemporary and sustainable model?
  • How do we get employees to shift their mindset and adopt to more sustainability focused behaviors?
  • How do we pay for and prioritize different initiatives?
  • In what areas will we see the largest financial return with the limited resources that we have? Where will we see the largest environmental return?