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Making big strides in improving our environmental footprints

An investment programme, combined with better management procedures, were responsible for a continued improvement in the Guardian's environmental performance in the last financial year.

Arctic scientist under fire - Researcher told little about inquiry topics

JUNEAU, Alaska — Just five years ago, Charles Monnett was one of the scientists whose observation that several polar bears had drowned in the Arctic Ocean helped galvanize the global warming movement.

BPA Toxicity Testing, Environmental Sampling considered by EPA

July 28, 2011 - Following BPA Action Plan announced in March 2010, US EPA is requesting public comment on possible toxicity testing and environmental sampling in order to study BPA's potential environmental impacts. This action is part of effort to strengthen EPA chemical management program and ensure safety of chemicals encountered daily by Americans. When research concludes, EPA will determine if additional actions may be needed to address human health concerns from non-food use exposures.