Drive with a green foot, not a lead foot

Drive with a green foot, not a lead foot

Excited about a staycation in the Catskills, but apprehensive of high gas prices? While purchasing an electric or hybrid car may be an option, there are certainly cheaper ways to save gas (and money!) during your local travels.

Before even getting into the car, think about the day's various destinations. Are any of the stops within reasonable walking/biking distance? Can you stop at the market on the way home from Suzie's soccer practice instead of making an extra trip during your lunch break? Or perhaps there is a more logical way to arrange your errands. Using Google Maps will ensure you choose the shortest route as well as avoid any unnecessary backtracking. Any shortened or eliminated trips add up to significant gas savings, which you can use towards a well-deserved weekend getaway.

So ease up on the gas and get the staycation fund started! The Catskills are awaiting your visit.

Looking for an exciting weekend getaway? Try the Stone House Bed & Breakfast. Nestled in the mountainous Ulster County, this notable property is the oldest building in New York State that is open for overnight stays to the public. Be sure to ask innkeepers Sam and Nadia for a tour of the property's remarkable architectural and historic highlights.

Looking to hit the green on your local vacation? Check outChristman's Windham House in Greene County, New York. In addition to a restful night's sleep at the House, the property's two spectacular golf courses bring out the true splendor of the Catskills. We recommend the 18-hole Mountain Course for its spectacular views and over 7,150 yards of play.

Stay tuned to our next post for tips on driving with a green foot while on the road.

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