Drive with a green foot, not a lead foot Part II

Drive with a green foot, not a lead foot Part II

With your new, optimized travel route (thanks to the trip planning tips from last week's post), you are now ready to hit the road. Reducing the number of miles driven certainly reduces fuel consumption, but this week we will provide some helpful hints to save gas while driving.

Here is an interesting misconception. While it is better for mileage to keep the windows down for cool air while driving through town, once you get on the highway (or any road over 45mph) it is actually more fuel efficient to close the windows- to reduce drag- and have the A/C on low.

In addition, traveling between 50-60mph will provide optimal mileage for most vehicles; anything over that will burn fuel more quickly. Keeping a steady pace (hint: cruise control will help with this) instead of rapid acceleration or deceleration will also leave more gas in the tank.

Once you reach your destination, avoid idling the car for more time then you would spend at a traffic light. For any amount of time longer than that, it would use less gas to turn off and restart the car.

Hopefully, these tips will help put you in the driver's seat of your fuel consumption (pun intended). Next week's blog will cover green maintenance for your vehicle. In the mean time, check out these awesome Catskill staycation destinations:

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