Hospitality Green Publications

Hospitality Green Publications

Hospitality Green's publications give our consultants a chance to express their insight, innovation and experience to an audience outside of the normal consultant/client relationship. They give the reader a chance to peer behind the doors of our firm where we argue our latest and most provocative ideas before crafting them into the coherent prescriptions clients expect.

Whether it is an argument for an innovative solution to an industry problem or a guide on how to reduce general operations costs, the goal of our publications is to educate the reader on the issues that matter most to their business. We urge you to browse our four publications forms- Viewpoints, White papers, Guides and Books- for solutions, trends and developments that will help you create a competitive advantage for your business.

HG Viewpoints

Three times a year Hospitality Green releases a short 1000-1700 word document called a Viewpoint. The purpose of a viewpoint is to re-evaluate a common and accepted position on an idea, process or procedure. Each viewpoint is meant to make you think about the issue in a way you have never thought about it before. They are meant to be read over and over, debated, deliberated and eventually responded to.

HG White Papers

Sometimes after a particularly difficult or interesting engagement Hospitality Green will have the team members argue their recommendation by creating a White Paper about the cases situation, process, solution and results. To support their argument, the team will also sometimes add in recent industry developments and alternative, but less effective solutions. These 12 to 45 page documents are meant to educate the reader about the issue or challenge and show how our team works to create solutions.

HG Books & Guides

Hospitality Green will periodically come across an industry issue, sustainable practice or topic that we feel should be written and published in the form of a Guide or Book. In the past we have created guides on back-door composting, refuse streamlining and "Getting Started in Greening Food Services." We are currently in the process of digitizing these publications, but you may order a hard copy by contacting an HG consultant using the Contact Us page.