Hospitality Green Results

Hospitality Green Results

We have found that, instead of telling people what we can do, we should show them what we have already done. The results and impact our consulting relationship has on an organization can sometimes be extremely difficult to determine. For instance, the reason an employee's improvement on an inefficient process was due too our sustainability training can be impossible to prove. In other cases, our impact is relatively simple to quantify; it can be easily shown how, by implementing our firm's cost-saving recommendations, a company may save 10% on their operations. The point of this section is to show both sides of this issue through our clients' testimonials and unbiased case studies.

About HG

Hospitality Green LLC is a New York based consulting firm specializing in environmental and operations consulting services. Learn more about how we partner with our clients to implement sustainable business practices.

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Case Studies & Impact Stories

Our Case Studies & Impact Stories page contains descriptions of our past engagements and thier quantifiable results. It shows the numbers behind our claims of cost savings and value creation, and offers an in-depth look into how our firm can help organizations with their most critical issues.

Client Testimonials

We take pride in the fact that, after our formal business is complete, a client will send the firm a Testimonial thanking the team for a job well done. As consultants, we don't ask for bragging rights when we help create something truly effective, but it is wonderful when, sometimes a year later, a client tells us just how effective we really were.

Grant Projects

We split our time into three parts; about 15% of our time concerns trainings, 45% is committed to engagements with private clients, and 40% is allocated to a number of different Grant Projects.

Upcoming Public Trainings

Hospitality Green offers trainings in a variety of subjects to the public and very small organizations. To learn more about our various courses, please visit the Upcoming Public Trainings page or our Blog.