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Hospitality Green LLC is a New York based consulting firm specializing in environmental and operations consulting services. Learn more about how we partner with our clients to implement sustainable business practices.

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HG Case Studies & Impact Stories

Prior to recommending a solution to a client's challenge, Hospitality Green begins each client engagement with a full diagnostic assessment of the problem. The purpose of this assessment is to develop a base line. In the following case, the client needed to increase their rate of occupancy without spending any more money on marketing. Hospitality Green went into the facility and completed a brief two week assessment of the facilities operations. We discovered that with very little investment the facility would be able to save enough money to increase their marketing budget by 25%.

After the results were shown, Hospitality Green was asked to help the facility increase their annual rate of occupancy. Over three months, the HG team developed a marketing and branding plan that both lowered the facilities break-even point and increased annual occupancy by 10%.

The following list is the recommendations and results from that one medium sized facilities diagnostic recommendation list:

  • Changed 475 showerheads from 2.5gpm to 1.5gpm รข?? maintained 100% customer satisfaction and saved 10 million gallons of water in first year
  • Modified a garbage contract adding a recycling program and still saved the facility over $9,000 in one year
  • Put facility food and beverage reports online saving the facility approximately five reams of paper per event
  • Instituted a cardboard and back door on-site composting program for an owner/operator diner saving the facility over 65% in garbage pickup fees
  • Implemented a green chemical cleaning program saving the institution over 600% on individual cleaning products with an increase in customer satisfaction
  • Modified lighting levels and re-evaluated heating and air conditioning for work areas saving a facility over $48000.00 a year in electric fee, maintained customer satisfaction
  • Implemented an office scrap paper re-use program - $300 cost -offset in one month from reduced garbage collection
  • Mail room receiving forwarded or stopped all former employees' mail and employees vetted duplicate mailing of catalogues. The two initiatives - eliminated approximately three tons of junk mail and paper in one year.
  • Implemented Single Stream Recycling throughout the administration building reducing garbage pickups and hauls by 50% and saved the institution over $4000 annually in garbage pick up
  • Negotiated a waste and recycling contract for an association putting a cost effective program in place for 18 separate businesses with one contract


The following paragraph and link is the abstract and full case study from an experiment that Hospitality Green participated in with representatives from the University of Delaware and the Newark Delaware Courtyard by Marriott hotel.


There has been an extensive amount of published articles on different green practices and initiatives that hotel operators have implemented successfully. However, little attention has been given as to how hospitality programs are providing instruction to their students on sustainable development and operational topics related to our industry. This paper discusses the instructional strategies employed at the University of Delaware to integrated sustainable operational issues into the curriculum. During a "Lodging Module" semester experience, students participated in a sustainable lodging practice workshop and were assigned to develop several case studies in small groups. Outcomes of students' learning will be presented in the paper.
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