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Hospitality Green LLC is a New York based consulting firm specializing in environmental and operations consulting services. Learn more about how we partner with our clients to implement sustainable business practices.

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HG Client Testimonials

At HG we value our clients and are proud of the feedback we receive. Below are some recent "thank you" notes from clients after successful completion of our formal collaborations:

Lea (Owner, Large Private Hotel)

"I just wanted to thank you again for the incredible job your team did with training the staff in SBPs' (Sustainable Business Practices) Our operations costs have dropped ten percent since we implemented your recommendations and our Director of Operations was recently asked to speak on sustainability. Who would have thought! Thanks again."

Lisa (Owner, B&B)

"My husband is a retired biology professor and master organic gardener so we have always maintained a sustainable and until 2008 profitable bed and breakfast. Although our place was without question more environmental than others we were having a problem finding a way building our brand as a "green hotel."

Hospitality Green's diagnostic assessment found a whole bunch of inconsistencies with the brand we were attempting to build. With their help, we were able to finally get noticed and have since seen a ten percent increase in eco-focused reservations. My husband and I both feel that Hospitality Greens help is a primary contributing factor to our likely return to profitability in 2010."

Mark (CEO, Large Hotel)

"When Evadne said that training was a mandatory part of the engagement I saw dollar signs. To my surprise she was able to cost-effectively train our staff (including a session with a translator taught in Spanish) in all of the adjustments we agreed upon. I can honestly say that this is the first consultant I have dealt with who actually delivers results without having to pay through the nose."

Bill (Owner of 16 location Motel chain)

"We don't know how we would have stayed afloat if you had not come in."

Dan (Director of Operations, Mid-size hotel)

"Your diagnostic assessment and tracking tool showed us in dollars and cents how much money we used to waste. Since implementing your recommendations we have been able to maintain a 11& lower operations budget. I wish I could clone your team and have them work for me."

Hugh (Owner, 100 room mid-size hotel)

"Last month our night manager who has been employed with us for over 15 years handed me a five page hand written "analysis" of where he thought the organization could improve its expenditures. After reviewing the list in detail we held a meeting similar to the one we held during training and have since seen a massive uptick in positive customer service feedback. Juan accredits your "empowerment" training as the reason he took the steps to write his thoughts out. My staff and my pocketbook thank you."

Go Green Team Co-Chair ( Institutional Healthcare Facility)

"Evadne for the past two years we have been trying to get a "Go Green" program going. With over 70 individual homes and six on premise group homes, the task seemed insurmountable. I want to personally thank you for making our Green Team such a success. Within the first two months of implementation, we have saved thousands of dollars. And even though the organization has gone through massive layoffs and government cutbacks, our new green initiatives that you helped us put in place, continue to provide significant cost savings to the organization and, quite frankly, have created for all of us on the Green Team job security. Even though management has been "cutting corners" everywhere, they funded our expense requests. We were able to show them an actual return on their investment. We look forward to working with you again, and sincerely thank you for all that you have done to make us really "Go Green."

Juan (Director of Operations, Manufacturing Facility)

"Our Corporate Sustainability Program has laid out for the individual facilities sustainability goals for Solid Waste through 2015. I want to personally thank you for helping us to meet our targets for 2010 almost six months ahead of schedule. We are well on our way to exceeding our goal of 0& to landfill by 2015. Thank you. We could not have done it without you."

Tracy (Director of Operations, Large Nationally Ranked Teaching Hotel)

"There are few real defining moments in a business that truly changes the culture as well as the hotel itself. Within a mere eight months, Evadne Giannini and Hospitality Green's team have made one of those changes for our hotel.

When we first started our partnership with Hospitality Green we would not comprehend until later— the wealth of knowledge and expertise Evadne would be coaching my team with. But I quickly realized her guidance would play a crucial role in our team successfully implementing a "green" culture and green procedures to our hotel's daily operations."

Bill S. (Managing Director, Large Nationally Ranked Hotel and 2009 Chair of the Delaware Hotel and Lodging Association)

"HG is an incredible resource for any hotel. They are well versed in all areas of facility operations, green technology and resource conservation. Their breath of knowledge, industry contacts, and proven track record has been extremely valuable for our hotels to rapidly implement programs. They are highly ethical, dedicated, and maintain a positive professional attitude at all times. Their work is helping our hotels to do the right thing for the environment and at the same time continuing to reduce our operational costs."

Margi N. (Chair, Large Clerical Society)

In August Evadne Giannini, of Hospitality Green, submitted an Environmental Sustainability Assessment Report of our facilities. The report was designed to identify and map steps we might take, and policies and procedures the Board might adopt, to lower our Society's costs and— most importantly— our carbon footprint.

The on-site 3rd party assessment and the report are invaluable tools. The report will serve as a guide and stimulate conversations among our members, staff and guests and to help those responsible for the Society's operations to more accurately understand our operation. Ultimately, the report will act as a guide for forming an implementing our policies and continue to help us to make improvements to our facilities.