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Hospitality Green LLC is a New York based consulting firm specializing in environmental and operations consulting services. Learn more about how we partner with our clients to implement sustainable business practices.

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HospitalityGreen Trainings

Upcoming HG Public Trainings

Hospitality Green offers courses and trainings to the public on a quarterly basis and as on-site requests. Many of our more popular courses are offered again annually or even seasonally and only change their curriculum, but every year we typically offer one to three entirely new courses. Please refer to the following list to see what courses and trainings our firm currently has available. Please bookmark this page as the course schedules are updated. For information regarding the curriculum and LEED, AIA and CEU Credits Please contact us  for locations  and dates for class offerings in New York, Massachusetts, Delaware, New Mexico and New Jersey. We look forward to answering your questions.

Trainings currently offered in 2016


Introduction to HG's KI$ Guide for Greening Food Services

Course Goal- Provide food service employees and employers with the necessary tools to assess and improve sustainability through practical operational practices. Use sustainability as a foundation for continual improvements in the health, environmental quality and economic vitality of food service operations and facilities. 16 USGBCI LEED Credits

Green Facility Training 

Course Goal- Train facility personnel in how to monitor and develop source reduction programs and environmentally sustainable systems within their facilities. 16 USGBCI LEED Credits, AIA and CEU's

Trip Advisors - Hotel GreenLeaders Staff Training

Course Goal - A three hour training for hotel staff to understand the "green"  vocabulary, products, systems and reporting requirements in order to implement sustainable business practices throughout hotel operations. The training also provides guidance for on going improvements and training in reporting tools. The hotel staff will be trained in order to comply with the standards developed by Trip Advisor to be designated a GreenLeader property.  4 USGBCI Credits

Go Green Team Training - On Line Modules for Onsite Training of Green Teams

 Course Goal - To provide to Green Teams an understanding of sustainable operations economically and efficiently. 5 Individual modules are available or can be purchased as a unit. The modules are: Cleaning Green, Purchasing Choice/Source Reduction, Energy - Maintenance and Practices, Water Conservation and Technology and Materials Management - Waste, Recycling and Composting. This course is also available as a partial on-site and on-line offering. To purchase the trianing or for further information, contact us.

Facility Team Green Training and Implementation

Course Goal- Learn how to train a company's Green Team in how to monitor and develop source reduction programs and environmentally sustainable systems within their facility. This is an On site Training also available for properties interested in Trip Advisors GreenLeaders program or HospitalityGreen's Green Concierge Certificaiton  Contact us for consultation and specific curriculum development.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing 

Course Goal- Train purchasers in how to research, bid, contract and implement an Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program (EPP). 3 USGBCI LEED Credits

Leading Sustainability Initiatives (Certificate in Green Change Management)

Course Goal -This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to identify, coordinate, implement and  direct environmentally sustainable initiatives. Topics to be addressed include the following: sustainable operations (e.g., waste and chemical management); the built environment and new construction; environmentally preferable purchasing and supply chain management; and resource conservation and community partnerships.3 USGBCI LEED Credits

Introduction to Facility Operations

This training will provide participants with an understanding of the essential functions and the separate roles of the Facility Manager (FM), Buildings and Grounds (B&G), and Cleaning & Custodial employees and supervisors. Drawing on the International Facility Manager's Association (IFMA) core competencies, participants will assess the adequacy of coverage in their facility operations, and identify any existing technical, administrative and/or skill gaps. They will use this information to develop an evaluation and improvement plan to enhance the management of their facility operations. 15 USGBCI Credits

Sustainable Landscape Management

Course Goal - Use real-world and theoretical examples to investigate and understand how changes in landscape practices affect a landscape performance and how it contributes to an institution's overall sustainability. Topics covered include landscape assessment, mowing reduction, waste reduction, institutional composting, stormwater management basics, soil carbon-sequestration, edible and native plant establishment and care, and employee training and satisfaction. 4 USGBCI LEED Credits

Cleaning Green for Food Services

Course Goal- Train participants in how to assess the products and services they use, find and evaluate information about green products and services, identify certified green cleaning products, and calculate the costs and benefits of purchasing certified green cleaning products. The how to's of a green cleaning program are also covered. This course is available in both Spanish and English.  4 USGBCI Credits

Using Green Practices to Help Prevent Facility Violations

Course Goal: This two hour training provides health inspectors and municipal health officials information on green practices in order to present resource tools and information to their clients. Providing credible information on sustainable practices in foodservice operations are in the best interest of Boards of Health (BOH’s) and health inspectors. Good green practices help to avoid violations, improve public and employee health and safety, and save money and resources. It is of value for municipal employees to help businesses to be more economically sustainable. Take away resources for food service operations are provided with this training. Contact us for further information and scheduling a municipal training. 

Waste and Recycling Contracting 

Course Goal- Train facility personnel in how to assess their company's resource/waste stream, identify opportunities and develop processes and systems to reduce and recycle wastes, and evaluate their firm's waste management and recycling contract(s) to identify opportunities for cost saving and contract modifications. On site Training -  contact us for consultation and specific curriculum development.

Facility "Go Green" Team Training for Managers 

Course Goal- Empower facility managers to form, develop or jump start a facility Green Team.  The course is a blended learning course providing 5 on line modules and two on site training visits. The trainer will mentor the  the facility manager through the development and process of  green team engagement.  The goal is to help the manger move the organization towards a waste-free operation. Please contact us for consultation and specific curriculum development.